Group 660

Puzzle 1

Tempted, lured
Sack for carrying post
Marginal sea of the Arctic Ocean, off Norway coast
Thumbed a lift
James I and II, Charles I and II, Mary II and Anne
Little Mao’s published quotations
Meringue dessert topped with cream and fruit
Pins with eyes
Whispering St Paul’s Cathedral’s acoustics
Best-selling TV motor show of the BBC
Ivrea Carnival has fights with this citrus
Umbrella singer
One of the youngest members of the ThunderCats
In a mad way
Oil in sheep wool

Puzzle 2

1973 exploitation movie Jones
Survived danger, made it through, as a storm
Close ; nearby
Screw top to a petrol tank
Sodium bicarbonate is a leavening in this dough
Medical term for chickenpox
In the Bleak ; chilly Christmas hymn
Distinguished person
Spend the hours of darkness somewhere
Author of James and the Giant Peach
Fortune telling by using tarot cards
Becoming more brittle

Puzzle 3

Internal flights; not international
Stand astride
It measures distances between places on a flatplan
Impose a burden on someone
Light frock worn in the afternoons
Split a work assignment between two people
London green space with Serpentine lake
Sport that made Tony Romo famous
Smelling, tasting or containing a pungent spice
Not yet invoiced or charged for
Incoming passengers at an airport or hotel guests
Katharine Burr invented non-reflecting glass
Ivory, perfect harmony hit in 1982
Don’t while he’s down; don’t prey on the weak

Puzzle 4

Intense light beams, used in surgery
Abbey, site of photos of William Fox Talbot
People who play a lot of electronic entertainment
Orson, who broadcasted The War of the Worlds
Japanese cherry blossom viewing time
brush, baking aid for glazing pies
A béchamel sauce with cheese
Local legislation affecting a small area
Who Coldplay claims said it was easy
Specific internet auction site seller or buyer
Person who follows the teachings of Lao-Tzu
A mother’s brothers

Puzzle 5

Amazon’s book review website
Describes a family with strong bonds
A mild expression used instead of an offensive one
Transfer all info from the mind onto paper
Down in the Billy Joe Royal song
Mark Cuban owned Dallas NBA franchise
NY hotel famous for the Round Table luncheons
in Paris; 1972 drama by Bernardo Bertolucci
Short weekend holiday at a metropolitan venue
Receiving devices for electronic signals
Made more sugary
Measure of thermal insulation of duvets