Group 658

Puzzle 1

Compound of buildings in monasteries or convents
Deeply sad, like a Shakespeare play
Ointment, runny cream
Females in decks of cards
swan, avian named after a British illustrator
Picturesque view
A cloak and operation, it’s highly secretive
Grassy mounds or hillocks
Elton John number about forbidden love
Island, Chilean site of immense stone heads
Apple’s PDA released in 1993
Arranged in rank or file
Move a canoe with a blade

Puzzle 2

An outing, a charabanc journey
Highly visible Russian punk protest group
and fancy-free; with no ties
Tiny tots’ gnashers
First release of a book is usually this type
Criminals, inmates
Including in an envelope
2016 movie about the LA car culture
Fleur-de-lis are thrown at New Orleans carnival
Collectible stirrers topped with tourist locations
Govern, control, regulate

Puzzle 3

NFL quarterback known as Jaws , Ron
mobile, moving to a higher social class
Word used to keep a person’s true identity secret
Dug like a mole
library, ancient repository in modern Turkey
Openness, political policy introduced by Gorbachev
Took up space within
Cornish castle linked to Arthurian legend
Glowing lettering behind a bar
Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett artsy band
To have cut a pattern into metal
Collapsible topper
Speech making, electioneering activities
A flight of several hours to a distant destination
Fake shuffle that leaves cards in original order
Consignment, batch of transported goods
Restraint needed to stay calm and work steadily
Larks, capers, naughtiness
Similarly, common characteristics

Puzzle 4

roll, air acrobatic movement; 40s hairstyle
Walk Aerosmith hit covered by Run-DMC
Money handed to an author before publication
Irish saint linked to NY’s biggest cathedral
Onward, Christian Soldiers, marching
Saltwater mollusc eaten as a delicacy
Greek monasteries perched high on mountains
Store clerk
Collects together, assembles
A woman admired for her courage
TV concern of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day
Military nickname given to artist Thierry Geoffroy
The middle position, 50% of a journey
Quarrel or disagreement
More spacious
SI unit of capacitance is named after him

Puzzle 5

Excludes someone from playing
Approximate, educated guess
Top describes a film with the best takings
Slice wound from a piece of A4
Provider of domain name registry/internet security
Gave the facts
Heated and sweetened alcoholic drink
Popular pantomime party game
Irregularly; not evenly
German motorway, and a Kraftwerk single
Left alone, stranded without a boat
Put an end to, clamp down on, suppress