Group 657

Puzzle 1

Fancy tent experience
Holy seafood
Levers controlling electrical circuits
Nickname of Anglo-Saxon King Edmund II
Ringing like metal
A person with a job is this
Hotel accommodation with two single beds
Mollify, soothe
The place where a person is from
Limit, control
Tiny amount of finances, obtained from sewing
Acting mean
Outer layer of a tree
Acting against the norm or acceptable standards
Former TV comedy series, Kids Say the Things

Puzzle 2

Validated a claim retrospectively
Marshmallows are toasted on these
Zookeeper and talk show guest
Homework for learning how words are written
Maze-like structure that hid the Minotaur
Laughter, enjoyment, fun
the sun, and I say / It’s all right
Without restrictions or boundaries
Author of Discworld fantasy novels: Terry
Someone with no romantic ties
Island that was once home to the extinct dodo bird

Puzzle 3

Sir Anthony, star of the film Howards End
Sprints past someone
Metallic percussion instruments on a drum kit
Pepper turn it to release peppery powder
First governor of the Territory of Utah: Young
One of three babies
Opposite to glamping; basic tent accommodation
Be entitled to
Coffee, the better way to start your day!

Puzzle 4

Tim NHL great started fast food franchise
Annoyingly slow to understand
Sounds of guitar strings being plucked
Muddle, mix-up
Richard Branson’s airline
Death bells tolling to announce fatalities
Power needed to keep on keeping on
Timon’s warthog pal
Volcanic US state with miles of pahoehoe lava
Flowers with an overpowering scent

Puzzle 5

Actor, played Sonny Corleone, and Misery’s victim
Chalky rock often containing skeletal fragments
English version of capellini pasta
An abundance of something
Edible thistle plant with leaves to peel off
Chalky rock, also called calcite
Relating to one eye only
Careless, not taking responsibility
It is worth four points in snooker
Water cleaned and purified
Typical musical Spanish souvenir used in flamenco