Group 656

Puzzle 1

America’s Dairyland
Musical home for a period, such as at Las Vegas
Has the power to make decisions
Motivate, support
London district once famous for its Chinatown
Hip condition of large dog breeds
Shocked, but usually in a good way
Someone with great foresight or imagination
Mexican volcano known as El Monstruo
One who manages online forum comments
Time of year when jack-o’-lanterns are seen
Undead people chase participants who flee

Puzzle 2

Australian musician who sings with the Bad Seeds
Frightening, formidable, terrifying
Obstructed, stopped someone doing something
International airport located in Las Vegas
To have put money into a scheme
St ; first bells in Oranges and Lemons
1930s Midwestern drought
In the Heat of ; 40th Oscar awards winner
Slang for those who talk incessantly
Heartburn relief remedy brand
Mexican beach resort famous for cliff diving shows
Sauce topping for moussaka or pastitsio
Ideology, code of belief in theology

Puzzle 3

Got happier, up
Slim pamphlet
Enter a car, or be accepted at a university
Salade with olives, anchovies, eggs
Staying close to a player on the opposing team
Testing area for computer programs
Space-age animated family
Got permission for a plane to take off
Give ; mutual compromises
Representative signs or symbols
Raising animals; anagram of angrier
Tool for nose hair or hedges
Peck, To Kill a Mockingbird actor
German city, where The Beatles were in residence

Puzzle 4

Book of streets and motorway maps
Country uncovering the first known animal drawings
Malala 17 when she got the Nobel Peace Prize
Secure storage facility for valuables
Often marbled pages at front and back of a book
State of being tired
A chicken’s leg on a barbecue
Britney Spears’ 2008 hit song
More vague, rougher
Leonardo da Vinci/ Roman international airport
Research done outside the laboratory

Puzzle 5

Baby, Brooke Shields’ first major film
Son of a sister
Describes a wedding cake with several layers
Inverted ; punctuation indicating speech
Ship taken by Charles Darwin to explore the world
Simply, without any complications
The K in KITT, driven by Michael
Not godly, will die