Group 655

Puzzle 1

Scary, eerie, spine-chilling, spooky
A wrapped gift
Cards won in a turn of cards
From the country known for Bratwurst
River separating New York from New Jersey
Advised of risks and dangers
Bowie love song just for one day
Resistant to an infection
Giant sculpture of a lion with a pharaoh’s head
Gave orders, dominated
This Mrs. is Marvelous on Amazon TV show
More athletic, stronger
Where charity is said to begin

Puzzle 2

First sergeant
Joan Rivers’s daughter
Painting and sculpture
Syrian city/temple complex destroyed in 2015
Central French city, capital of Cher department
Most crazy or angry
Vision check-up with an optician
Little hole in a door for exiting felines
Someone who travels aimlessly
Where teeth and gums reside
Plant-based, non-dairy coffee whitener

Puzzle 3

Lawn-watering device
Building or house designer
Sweet edible pea, pod and all, aka mange-tout
Glow naturally
Conveys or communicates feelings or thoughts
What the U stands for in the cinema rating for all
Israeli city and holy site
State home of the Country Music Hall of Fame
Patrick McGoohan’s character in The Prisoner
Ken, the command module pilot on Apollo 16

Puzzle 4

A sure thing, a basketball analogy
Carried out violence on someone
High shoe with a thick sole
Christina Rossetti poem about memories
Employing wrongly, wrong tool for the job
Sainte- Gothic Parisian church
glass, holiday souvenir from Burano and Murano
Nurse’s timepiece
Compilation of carefully selected music tracks
Business transactions
Intensifies positively

Puzzle 5

Boston rock band known for the hit Dream On
Novel by Tobias Smollett: Adventures of Pickle
Natural pool, bubbling with warm water
Hearth used for contained flames
Curing of thirst
Yacht formerly owned by Aristotle Onassis: O
Generous, tolerant, lenient
Idiom meaning immediately
Person who takes bets from the public
Boundary umpire in tennis
Give up smoking in this month