Group 653

Puzzle 1

Service that transports letters on planes
safari; viewing savannah wildlife from above
Professional baseball team based in Baltimore
Transport pulled by huskies
Alive and Simple Minds song, Sky football song
Pining, craving
Street food whose only letters are l, e, a, f
Handled pourer for dispensing dairy liquids
Hair high at the front, like Elvis wore
Famous Honolulu beach neighborhood
Dick, who starred in Mary Poppins and her return
Males who inhabit a landmass surrounded by water
Famous Honolulu beach area

Puzzle 2

Registered legal ownership of an invention
Warm outer long-length garment
Divert, engage, absorb
UK site of the Royal Mausoleum
Twenty minus eleven plus four
Fishing for crustaceans at the end of a line
Removed belongings from a suitcase
Musical or reading performances
Metal tool for shaving talons
Natural chemical compounds, e.g. graphite, gypsum
Usual, customary
Crossword based board game
Collections kept in a museum or library
Sweet chocolate-hazelnut paste used in chocolates
Making less distinct
Period. End of Oscar-winning documentary

Puzzle 3

Describes something that can be brought to an end
Little, strong coffees
Got rid of, terminated
People who sing and greet Dorothy on her way to Oz
Stiffened ribbon used as hatbands
On a ; tense, dangerous situation
David Copperfield character and 70s rock band
Producing milk for young
Greeting with hospitality and courtesy
Snitching on
Also known as food pipe or gullet
La Cannes’ tree-lined boulevard

Puzzle 4

Mythological source of wisdom and prophecy
Overthrow leader
To make certain or guarantee something
Meal at mid-morning
Name given to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9
Copies someone’s words or actions
Be present at an event
Bubonic outbreak
Physics theory that could tie everything together
Official currency of Laos
skelter; tall, spiral slide
QB for the Seahawks: Russell
Declare to be true
Line of Cancer or Capricorn

Puzzle 5

Rug for extra warmth when voyaging
First leg of a round trip
Glass fitter for windows and doors
Planking platform at the edge of a garden
Ate hungrily
Bounce light off a mirror
Canadian musician James Hill’s instrument
Slang for the states in the middle of the country
Author of Charlotte’s Web
Small settlements of just a few houses
Things that are discarded and thrown away
Emergency; Southeast Asian war from 1948-60
Things that cause physical responses
Right now, at the present time