Group 651

Puzzle 1

Adolfo Madrid-Barajas Airport
Very shiny, reflective metal finish; browser
Surname of Diamond Joe, the Mayor on The Simpsons
Buzz, the second man to walk on the moon
Skirt named after fluffy dogs
Secreting something from view
A written account of how an experiment was done
Occupation of Picasso’s first wife Olga Khokhlova
Dean, the Rat Pack singer of That’s Amore
Nationality of playwright Jean Anouilh

Puzzle 2

Country that held first underwater cabinet meeting
Totally exhausted, wiped out
Final boarding announcement for flight passengers
Blocks from view
Agnolo di Cosimo, or Florentine Mannerist
salesman, seller of miraculous benefits
Basketball team from Salt Lake City
A severe snowstorm or an ice cream treat
A university exam conducted orally
Scientific drawings with labels
Makes a cartoon
They are made into rollmops
Alec, the Prince Faisal in Lawrence of Arabia movie
Nickname of the semi-mythical El Dorado
Bamboo flutes strapped together

Puzzle 3

Robbed, looted
Actions speak louder ; what you do matters most
Star-studded Walk of Fame’s LA vicinity
Words that are underlined in blue on screen
Joss Whedon sci-fi series about Actives
Right of possession
Record-keeper at a museum or institution
The cliff at 71° N in Norway, a tourist attraction
Star of Aladdin, Hitch, and I, Robot
Crafting models from clay
Challenger, competitor with a decent chance
Give Me All with Madonna, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A.

Puzzle 4

Shirt not buttoned all the way to the top
Resembling a chubby angel
Small booklet containing pictures and information
Alex Trebek hosts this show
pool; swimming pool that merges with the sea
and Wallachia united to form Romania in 1859
When food can be ordered separately on a menu
Tells or explains a story
Spoke for another to type up
Detective protagonist of The Maltese Falcon
At its most basic, describes a dictionary
Last of the House of Hanover British monarchs

Puzzle 5

Larry Hagman character from Dallas
Puckering up for a selfie
Sea creatures that sound absorbent
Strongly affirms
Less old
Race timer
Chinese fruits of the soapberry family
Margaret, who found that genes affect comportment
Swiss skiing resort
Ruled as a monarch
E-commerce discount site