Group 650

Puzzle 1

knot; tie-tying method of royalty
Country where goulash originated
Patella protection
Slang for to skip work
Oscar and Carey’s novel about a glass church
A written or spoken opinion
Placed farthest away
Trained health professional who delivers babies
City in SE Sweden, home of the botanist Linnaeus
Speedy warship, used to have sails
Reporter who located the missing Dr. Livingstone
Mobile home where actors rest up while on set
Brief sighting

Puzzle 2

Punctuation marks with two dots
Playing cards with two pips
Adam Smith’s book, The of Nations
Steadily, without wavering
Security, avoiding accidents
& Juliet; animated Shakespeare rom-com
Ocean that the Arabian Sea is part of
Out of the of babes
Nickname for an aged Lincoln
Big machine, the Large Collider
Small, decorative receptacle, weaved with strands
Company of performers who tour together

Puzzle 3

Light, soap that moved from radio to TV in 1952
Stalker, lurker, man coursing the streets at night
Type of chewing a rat or terrier does
Anniversary party to celebrate long reign
In God wording appears on US coins
Author of the novel Rebecca: Daphne du
McDonnell company merged with Boeing in 1997
From the country with Moscow as capital
Detectives, investigators
Opal and marigold are symbols for this month
in the Jacuzzi, nickname for a Dublin statue
Mr. Price, horror actor who wrote cookbooks too
Truthfulness; is the best policy
Not solids or gases; another word for fluids
Describes a condition of no gravitation
Fruit mixers brand of Tango and J2O
Crossing, Tokyo’s neon landmark

Puzzle 4

Wooden barrier constructed to withstand attacks
Refute, contradict a theory
Moved forward
Facade of a building
Berlin museum that houses the Ishtar Gate
World, Duran Duran sang about everyday life
Florida’s NHL team
Country where Ruaha National Park is located
Airtight, sealed

Puzzle 5

Not including
Irish theme park in Meath devoted to crisps
Chemical used to turn exposed film into prints
Germanic Cole Porter song that means wonderful
What happens when prisoners escape
The E in the uni course PPE
Tennis foul when serving
Put somewhere for people to see
Douglas general, leader of WW2 Pacific troops
Italian first course/hors d’oeuvre
Cluster of pus-filled boils
Civic government
Gazette, weekly tabloid, daily journal
System of holding papers in a folder