Group 649

Puzzle 1

Tricked, played a joke on
First name of Christie, writer of detective novels
bullets, crowd control weaponry
Large birds of prey, can be golden or bald
Voyaging cartoon characters: and dog Snowy
French Riviera town famous as a perfumery hub
I see dead said Haley Joel Osment
Witches’ groups
Cuisine from South East Asia, includes jalfrezi
Sliced off a blister
Ex-husband of actress Brooke Shields: Andre
Temple of Egyptian complex based on Thebes
A Shade of Pale; 1967 hit for Procol Harum
Made an electronic tone
Require someone to do something

Puzzle 2

C. Hall played Dexter, the serial killer
Spray paint
Bridge, world’s first transporter bridge, Spain
Goods transported in bulk
Eligible to participate
Lawfully, officially, rightfully
Made a noise like a sidewinder snake
Cognac/orange drink or motorbike garnish
Go to the barber shop to get one of these
Saved card/paper reminders of travel
Action done on a trampoline
Actress Ellen, who is The Exorcist lead
Paul children’s author of The Snow Goose
To have hit cymbals together
State in which Mar-a-Lago is located
Originated, came from

Puzzle 3

Northern French region including Calvados dept
Smooth-haired dog breed used in hunting
Contends with a problem
A premolar tooth
Without thought or care
Texan soft drink with a medical name
Religion that worships nature
Travels to new lands
The Tom Hanks and Shelley Long movie
Takes control of a plane by force
1965 single where Paul Simon is an island

Puzzle 4

Songs in the Stevie Wonder album of 1976
Score after deuce in tennis
Pimply skin rash, say a nettle rash
Skill of realistically stuffing dead animals
Detonation, eruption
Moving with the weather
The TV series set in Pennsylvania in the 1980s
Predictive, with foresight
Central American country, borders Mexico
Princess of Monaco, daughter of Grace Kelly

Puzzle 5

Substances from which things are made
Feeling giddy or unsteady
Russian site of the colossal Motherland Statue
In ; budding, emergent
Porch formed by columns that surround a courtyard
Famous buildings or structures in cities or towns
Star of Django Unchained and Dreamgirls
Bumping into
The Predators are this city’s hockey team