Group 648

Puzzle 1

Cooking pan for making large bread products
Raised platforms for preachers in churches
Global streaming TV service
Men’s gymnastic event on a horizontal rod
Wooden or stone walkways extending into the sea
Expression about a shepherd and false alarms
I Want ; 1970 number one hit for the Jackson 5
Shake, shudder
pipe, vents gases from cars; a US tailpipe
Cause harm or injury
Robot with a human form
The nationality of René Magritte
Dresses worn by Swiss misses
Memoir inspired crime film: Can You Ever Me?
Consist or comprise of something
The capital of Georgia

Puzzle 2

Nuclear emergency
Annoyance, fury, indignation
Suggestive, evocative, indicative
Hook-handed demon whose name is said five times
Sphynx cats are known for this lacking trait
Diet beverage company
Mad ; sitcom featuring the Buchmans
Quick alternative route
Entertainment company responsible for Baby Shark
India’s capital; home to Lotus Temple, Khan market
Forward-looking style of buildings, like Atomium
Fought off an opponent

Puzzle 3

Official currency of Malaysia
U.S. Congressional building
Largest planet, named after Jove
Large grasshopper with a partial girl’s name
Packing groceries
Drink smell that lingers with hangovers
Let someone into a club again
Sells goods to overseas
Where money doesn’t grow
She played Sally, who met Harry
museum; attraction with outside exhibits
Saying and asserting that something is not true
Monopoly did a version of this popular TV series
Device attached to a phone to make it hands-free
Turkey’s largest inland body of water

Puzzle 4

Swindle, fix, money-making scheme
They preside over courtrooms
Main seaport of Macedonia, in Greece
Rigor bodily stiffness that occurs after death
Sullies someone’s name in the press
Farthest point from the Earth in the Moon’s orbit
Public squares or marketplaces
MC performing name of Stanley Burrell
Loveable monster souvenir from a Scottish loch
Foamy iced beverage, often with coffee
Supervise the actors in a film
The self-help book about positivity

Puzzle 5

Mac sang Landslide and Go Your Own Way
Genuine, real
Orange-tasting liquor
Courtesy, graciousness
Policy to protect you when you travel abroad
Raised spot on the skin, from fear
Christian denomination Seventh-day
Weather that changes unpredictably
Allowing air to escape
Ancient trekking path in Peru’s mountains
Insects’ mouthparts
Thor sailed the Pacific on his raft Kon-Tiki