Group 647

Puzzle 1

Rod, singer of LPs Smiler and Atlantic Crossing
Leaves a sailboat windless
Orient Express destination, Venice –
Making a long, low sound
Country where la Mitad del Mundo is located
Sauces made with meat juices that accompany roasts
Smallish kangaroo-type animal
Newspaper nicknamed The Gray Lady
Factory where tins are filled
flop, high jump technique
Highest profile celebrity
To all and purposes; practically speaking
To add water to something
Northwest route from Atlantic to Pacific

Puzzle 2

Languages like English, Danish and Dutch are this
Mixes this with that
1993 movie, remake of the 1960s TV series: The
Appealing to holidaymakers
The B and M in BMI, Index
Modi, Indian prime minister in 2015
To buy at a reduced rate is to get one of these
Insect-like crustaceans with armadillo-type shells
High speed London-Paris-Brussels train
Laziness, sloth, indolence
Action made by the body, e.g. in dance
Shoes and ships and sealing-wax/And and kings
Years of specific wine harvests

Puzzle 3

Nationality of Gene Hackman’s Connection
Pincers used to grip objects or bend wire
Town and southwest Italy coast, near Positano
Gave a mark to a student
Nights, Grease song with Olivia Newton-John
Bernard name related to the Ponzi Scheme
Covering for fried fish
Hungry hungry wild animal game with marbles
The Jurors artwork at Runnymede comprises 12
City where the James Joyce Bridge is located
Scientist who developed three laws of motion
Shapes having the form of eggs
Rudely or unceremoniously curt

Puzzle 4

buys, spontaneous decisions to purchase items
Placed a bet
Medical procedure involving operation
Swarming grasshoppers in Biblical plagues
John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson are in Pulp
Vacuum brand
Product used to style and fix the tresses
Moving mechanism that takes people up mountains
Juliet structure at a window
Characters that bring luck to sports teams
Catalan is this country’s only official language
Separated into parts
Emmental and Neufchatel, for example
HBO crime drama series set in Baltimore
Someone on a journey or outing

Puzzle 5

Multihued costume made of diamond shapes
Resembling a robber at sea
Croatian coastal city with medieval fortifications
Williams, who wrote Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Container or shrine for the remains of saints
Young male in education
She was the space-traveler Barbarella on the movie
Irish neolithic mound by the River Boyne
Protective hand cover for handling hot dishes
Adding to a text
Bugs Bunny’s quacky rival