Group 646

Puzzle 1

Feeling of excitement to do something
2016 Golden Globe winner about Miami ghetto
Agitations of milk during butter-making process
Accessories and accoutrements, of fame, say
Giant temple in Aswan, southern Egypt
Hard, concrete, watertight e.g. evidence
Female making first appearance for a sports team
Accessories of fame, say
Sentence structure; grammatical sequence
Getting on a ship
Leaving dock
Precursor to DVD, post-VHS

Puzzle 2

Isis, goddess of marriage and wisdom, was his wife
Tokyo’s international airport; its code is NRT
Fishing apparatus
Apply to a higher court
Middle name of Pyotr Tchaikovsky
rack, supermarket display with rungs
Tool for removing slivers of wood
Medical fixer
People who are staying in a hotel
Building where collections are exhibited
Puts a curse on
of Unity, immense Indian figure of Sardar Patel
Jacks in a deck of cards
Ousted CEO at Jabot Cosmetics on the TV show Y&R

Puzzle 3

Marches for e.g. Pride
Strolls unhurriedly
Banff Hotel, chateau-styled hotel in Alberta
Goes round a bend
Roman legion officer
District of Columbia NBA team: the Washington
Love ; 1966 romantic notes song by Elvis
Strong alcoholic drinks
Container of genetic material in a cell
Two-deck Rummy card game
Outcome of Henry VIII’s first and fourth marriages
Lose ; take a wrong turn
Bette Davis movie of a spoiled Southern belle
Madrid’s impressive shopping boulevard
Setting for The Thorn Birds: the Australian
Plasterboard or gypsum panels
A legal pardon or reprieve
Small stream flow
Recovering after exercise or illness

Puzzle 4

Illegible or careless handwriting
Foot condition, another name for fallen arches
Expression for Europe, Asia and Africa
Wine sold at a special low price in a restaurant
A voyager’s photo souvenir note sent in the mail
Traveling supergroup of Dylan, Orbison, etc
Great War, Baltic conflict of 1700-21
The capital of Connecticut
Surface being worked to remove bituminous lumps
Ballet pose inspired by statue of Mercury

Puzzle 5

Another word for a zombie
Family with stoats and polecats; deceitful person
Head ; person in charge, bigwig
Glass shaped to curve outwards
andale, andale! : urging by Speedy Gonzales
Smoked sliced fish sold in Duty Free outlets
Blew strong wind occasionally
Alive, breathing
First name of Keaton, silent-movie star
Multi-room hotel accommodations
Soak thoroughly
Water slides at amusement parks
Food produced in the Jewish tradition
Renter of a property
She’s Out of ; emotional 1980 MJ ballad
Sculling a boat