Group 645

Puzzle 1

No longer junior
Preferred places frequented by a person
Planet, travel guides founded by the Wheelers
Call for the captain let me go home
Cheerful or jolly
Bottles with long necks used in school labs
Thomas who is the inventor of the phonograph
Believer in a god
Ate grass like a sheep
transport; buses, trains and trams
Henry Ford’s first affordable automotive type
Dr. David Q. buddy of The Great Mouse Detective

Puzzle 2

Artist who painted Portrait of a Young Man
First name of Maduro, 2013 Venezuelan president
Fame and Dick Whittington sought this
Peter, one of the original Rat Pack members
Actor John, who played Dan Conner in Roseanne
Congratulatory phrase; raising headgear
Regional tongue
Makes a noise on a hot grill
Abuses, slanders
Best global hotel chain with crown logo
Seasonal wind of the Indian Ocean, southern Asia
Wrinkly dog with blue-black tongue
Musically, describes Alexander’s Band
Hitting a snooker ball into a pocket
Active ingredient in Pepto-Bismol
Idea to be elaborated on
Became aware of, perceived
Attractively packaged bath products

Puzzle 3

To become greater in number
It’s the End of the World as I feel fine
Giant’s ; basalt columns off Antrim’s coast
Name of the actresses Jones or Huffman
Peers who attended Charlemagne
Moniker, pet title
Ganges settlement of temples and mosques
Monopoly trio: Kentucky, Indiana, and Avenues
meat, tinned pork product such as Spam
Enforced a state of quietness
Not defeated
Oozing water, drop by drop
Portable, e.g. a device designed to be carried
Shandy, a hero’s life story by Laurence Sterne
Witch of Russian folklore

Puzzle 4

Amy, singer of the hit Rehab
Chews the fat, debates
Young bird about to leave the nest
Suitor of Bianca in The Taming of the Shrew
Malicious destruction of any property
Psychologist who talks to patients
Small vehicle, self-contained holiday home
Director of Blazing Saddles and Spaceballs
Take care of someone
Crime thriller starring James Spader as Red: The

Puzzle 5

Happily ; ending fit for a fairy tale
Duck that eats fish; anagram of near germs
Game in which Rain Man excelled
1974 Bruce Springsteen hit about desire to escape
Last announcement for flight passengers
Good with the hands and with problem-solving
It removes small circles from paper
Italian car brand, made the Spider