Group 643

Puzzle 1

Rough, storm-tossed
Way of recording shots per hole in golf
His law says work expands to fill available time
Tall pink birds that grace Hialeah Park
People trying to effect change in a specific area
Monkees lead singer, a youth jockey
Night, April celebration, marks start of spring
Hobbies, pastimes, leisure pursuits
Dallas/ Texan airport
Filigree work, medium from which doilies are made
Russian chemist who invented the Periodic Table

Puzzle 2

In law, an inheritance or legacy
Player who can play in two positions in basketball
Surviving a long while
Overcrowded, tightly packed
Puts liquid into another container
Shopping bag on wheels brand
Lee, the Dodge Charger in The Dukes of Hazzard
Visible part of the external ear
Palace, Istanbul home of the Sultans
Sam Beckett’s journey through time, Leap
Graphite drawers bought from souvenir shops
Wood separating properties; sport with swords
A prominent chief of the Apache Indians
Bitter vegetables with curly-leafed variety
Awards, stage prizes named after acting Lord
The W in SWAT

Puzzle 3

According to the Bible, Balaam’s animal that spoke
Patches of infected, broken skin
Panic! At the Disco album Pray for the
Pleasure gardens in Copenhagen
Milk chocolate frog bar
Knowledge built with time and experience
Official, following rules, e.g. black-tie event
park, out-of-town shopping venue
duplicator, old copy machine with rotating drum
Fabric squares for wiping and cleaning
Angie The Hate U Give author
Large housewares and furniture chain: Crate &
1960s French-Swiss New Wave film director
a sigh of relief; felt that anxiety has passed
Opposite of shorter
Enthusiastically, eagerly, ardently

Puzzle 4

Uncles and aunts, for example
Side-effect or consequence of the original
Watchful, good at spotting details
Basilica de Familia; Gaudí’s work in Barcelona
1986 Don Johnson song
Footloose and a liberated attitude
Not in accordance with the law
Cocoon and Trading Places actor
Grainy sheet for making surfaces smooth and flat
Holds the ID worn around a feline’s neck

Puzzle 5

Innards of seafood
British rock band known for Rock the Casbah
Ray who wrote Fahrenheit 451
Sign for family of deceased soldier
Père- celebrity cemetery in Paris
Soaking up spare ink
Jim key role played by Kevin Costner in JFK
Now defunct flag carrier airline of Mexico
Ran parliament
Groups of things or people gathered close together
Giant prehistoric creature that roamed the Earth
Cautious, unwilling to commit
Minor planet composed of mineral and rock
Makeover show with Jonathan Van Ness