Group 642

Puzzle 1

Sci-fi follower of the tales of the USS Enterprise
Fastened; made safe
Hot plate for cooking fried foods directly on
Sub-unit of currency in Syria, Egypt and Lebanon
The Christine who is Managing Director of the IMF
Straw compacted into cuboid/cylindrical shape
Comes out, like a butterfly from a chrysalis
Dried grass compacted into a cylindrical shape
Vacation complexes
Swallows food or drink or even poison
Someone who is always on the go
Nationality of Kimi Räikkönen
City where Red Wings play their home games
Dark Lord of The Silmarillion

Puzzle 2

The craft of hat-making
of something; dominated or overtaken by
From weatherman to talk show host: David
Routine, status quo, customary
Refuge, shelter, haven of safety
Posturing Hindu exercises under tuition
London dry gin, distilled in Scotland
Prevents entering a port
A customer on a boat, plane or train
Fixed line used to create a curve or conic section

Puzzle 3

Diamonds From Leone, Kanye West track
Belgian city at Zeebrugge port
The Martyr, England patron saint before George
Like ; with the same opinions or views
School that Aristotle founded in Athens
The Section with aesthetically pleasing proportions
Nine ; typical hours of an office job
Breakfast grains, just add milk
Art ratio with pleasing proportions
Mount plantation home of George Washington
Catholic University founded in Chicago
Small sailing boats or luxury pleasure crafts

Puzzle 4

Something that prompts a choice to be made
Superhero graphic novel by Alan Moore
Place where oil is processed
The Four of the Apocalypse
in Arms, Dire Straits hit album of the 1980s
Small backpack
Spats, arguments
of the fittest phrase of Herbert Spencer
Baboon with bright fur
Corners or points on a polygon
William who directed The Exorcist in 1973
Purple flowery French district on Italian border
Baboon with multicolored fur
Frozen accommodation in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
Suffering, a stressful situation

Puzzle 5

Using a bow and arrow
paper, artistic swirls and blobs from Florence
One single part in a television series
The only bone located in the upper arm
Give pleasure to, satisfy
Rhythm or tempo, like in a military march
and brush, small tools for sweeping up the mess
People are entitled to due in court
First winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics
Yassa comes from this country, with capital Dakar
Pop star who gave birth to twins in June, 2017
Describes Marilyn Monroe’s vocal delivery