Answers Codycross

CodyCross is a video game developed by Fanatee Games that was successfully launched on March 8, 2017. It is a word game in which gamers help in the exploration of an alien named Cody so that This manages to know the mysteries of the planet.

On the screen, this game looks like a simple crossword puzzle that is answered with knowledge of different places and topics in the world. The game is achieved by filling in each box by putting together crosswords that are part of hobbies proposed in different worlds and groups.

Each world has characteristics and names such as Planet Earth, Under the Sea, Inventions, Stations, Transportation, Culinary Arts, Circus, among others. Answers to various levels are already posted on some internet pages, but this takes away the sense of challenge from the game.

Answers by levels

Planet Earth Under the sea Inventions Seasons Circus Transports Culinary Arts Sports Fauna and Flora Ancient Egypt Amusement Park Medieval Times Paris Casino Library Science Lab The 70s Pet Shop New York, New York Popcorn Time La Bella Roma Wild West Airport Farm London Department Store Fashion Show Resorts Welcome to Japan Concert Hall Tv Station Home Sweet Home Cruise Ship Greece Small World Train Travel Art Museum Water Park Brazilian Tour The 80s Spa Time Campsite Adventures Trip to Spain Fantasy World Performing Arts Space Exploration Student Life Games Mesopotamia Futuristic City Australia Treasure Island Tracking Time Comics A Sweet Life House of Horrors The 90s California Architectural styles Codycross spaceship

Planet Earth is group 5 of Codycross and in its phase 4 riddles must be answered on topics such as kingdoms, sports, mythologies, technology and even ecology.

To overcome this group in phase 4, it is necessary to answer, for example, that Ana Boleda is the mother of Queen Elizabeth I of Spain, as well as knowing that sailors spend a lot of time of his life in the ocean, as well as that Mike Tyson is the boxer nicknamed Iron and Kid Diamante.

Knowing that Eris was the Greek goddess of discord, aubergine is the purple Italian vegetable and white pulp that is eaten with Parmesan and that summer is the hottest time of the year, allows practically answering half of the riddles of this phase.

I kissed a girl is a song performed by Katty Perry, the earphone is a device to listen to music and the collective belongs to a group of people, while the natives of Jerusalem are called hierosolimitans.

Masquerade is the festival of masks and costumes, a storm at sea is known as a storm and the defendant is the one who is accused of committing a crime.

Those who provide a service on a ship are called sailors, while overwhelmed is synonymous with bewildered and overwhelmed. All of them are basic knowledge and terms that the player must handle to have fun in Codycross planet earth group 5 phase 4.

Answers codycross planet earth group 9 phase 1

This level is overcome by learning about various topics such as Andrés Iniesta is a soccer player born in Spain, the one-eyed person is a person who is missing an eye, while the barrel is the wooden cylinder in which liquids are stored.

Knowing that kaijus are called the giant Japanese monsters and that yearning is to remember with sorrow the loss of something very dear, as well as that Lady Di </b >is Diana Spencer’s nickname.

To continue beating the Planet Earth world of group 9 phase 1 and continue completing the crossword puzzle, the player must answer that Scooby Doo is the Great Dane that talks and that the aphid of the The peach tree resists 71 pesticides, as well as the fact that doubles is the tennis match in which four players participate in doubles.

The gamer continues to advance if he answers that Canada is the country with the largest number of kilometers of coastline, and that Gothic is the artistic style that prevailed until the Renaissance, in addition to remembering that pajama is the garment used to sleep.

This will make it easier to overcome the challenge, and if it ends with knowing that Adalid was called the warlord in ancient times, then the level will be achieved.

Codycross answers group 13 phase 3

This phase is overcome by answering that Chayanne is a Puerto Rican singer, dancer and actor and that zapapico is the tool used to dig into hard land, while neglect is the lack of attention, omission and negligence.

Estípite is the name of the palm tree throne and Taj Mahal is the architectural marvel located in the Indian city known as Agra. The box or small cabinet to store medicines is called a medicine cabinet and dementia is the progressive loss of cognitive functions.

Armoring is the covering used against the action of projectiles and belt is the accessory used to fasten the pants, The choroids are found between the retina and sclera, and plastic is the derivative of petroleum that is not biodegradable.

Photophile is the organism that needs a lot of light to live and the discipline that studies past events is known as history. Prehistoric painting on rocks and caves is known cave

Finally, this level is overcome by answering that the wolf huffed and puffed to knock down the little pigs’ house and that the saying of unlimited power is absolute, knowing that a A cardinal is an ecclesiastical authority that intervenes in the election of a Pope and a recession is the general decline in economic activity.

Codycross answers, it’s a game of questions and answers

Codycross is then a game in which an alien who crashed on the planet is taught some customs, places and characters of earthlings. The letters spread across the digital crossword puzzle board each time an answer is correct.

Codycross solutions is a way to learn by playing

Codycross solutions, is another way of referring to this game that challenges the knowledge of gamers. Playing it as a mobile application has made many join this game every day, which since it was launched has been well received by young and old.

Codycross answers posted on the internet

It is no longer a challenge, however the riddles have already been solved by many and web pages are dedicated to publishing them. They are basically the solution of the questions that occur in each world of the game in which there are more than 20 groups with 5 puzzles each and that appear to form the word.

In short, to achieve the levels, knowledge of general culture is required, that is, handling various topics such as art, literature, science, politics and history, among others.

Codycross online is a mobile crossword puzzle

It’s a new way to complete a crossword puzzle, but in the style of virtual and digital games. Obviously, the goal will always be to fill the board with the correct answer and also discover the secret word that appears in a vertical line.

All opinions about the game

This game is generally played through the mobile or tablet and even the use of the Facebook function with which the current state of the game is synchronized. This peculiarity has been an attraction for many players who do not hesitate to post on social networks how much they enjoy challenging, training and improving their cognitive attitudes.

Codycross users are more and more every day, because they appreciate that it is a free download application that can now be played from iOS, Android and even from their PCs.